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Wilcox & Associates, LLC | Fort Wayne, IN

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All the data and metrics aside, the success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us.

Read our client's #HowToSucceed stories

Learn how to identify the blind spots that are holding your company back and overcome them to lead your company to excellence.

Organizational Excellence Executive Briefing

This 2-hour session is designed for Owners, Executives and Managing Directors. 

Learn how to close more sales in less time.

1-Day Sales Bootcamp

This full-day bootcamp is designed for Sales Professionals and Sales Managers

The Sandler Playbook

Do you have a playbook for a well-rounded prospecting approach?

Jim Wilcox discusses what you should have in your sales playbook.

Check out Jim's latest column

Create Urgency by Slowing the Pace of the Sale Down

It’s that time of the year when managers and sales teams are focused on “closing strong.”

Media Feature

Moving the Needle: A Case Study with Wilcox & Associates, LLC

When Jim Wilcox founded Wilcox & Associates two years ago, the company primarily focused on teaching Sandler Training® methods for improving sales outcomes. 

Sandler Bookstore

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.