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Sandler Training in Fort Wayne and South Bend

Sandler is a world leader in sales, management and leadership training. 

We offer consulting, coaching and training for individuals and organizations serious about achieving personal and operational excellence. 

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What is Sandler Training?

Jim Wilcox talks about the three pillars of Sandler Training. 

2 1/2 minute video. 

How We Help Businesses

Organizational and Operational Excellence - Helping established businesses minimize risks, eliminate blind spots and and achieve excellence. 

Sales Training - Proven systems and strategies to shorten the buying cycle, eliminate wasted time, and increase sales. 

Leadership Development - Become the leader others want to follow.  A framework for productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration and accountability. 

What clients say about us

The Sandler Training that I have been receiving from Jim Wilcox, Tim Barry and their teams has been life changing. The Sandler system and the leadership skills I have obtained from their coaching has changed my mindset as a leader myself of sales teams. Thank you for your continued support. I should have been a Sandler client years ago.

Leo Poynton LE Poynton Consulting


Ash Brokerage describes the value of working with Jim Wilcox and the Wilcox & Associates team. 


Wilcox & Associates clients describe their experience in working with Jim Wilcox. 

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