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Sales Bootcamp

Learn sales strategies and tactics to gain a competitive advantage and achieve greater sales success.

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Ready to Achieve Greater Sales Success?

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Wouldn't it be great if every prospect didn't play games and instead told you their real problems, real budget and HOW they make buying decisions?  The Sandler system helps you do exactly that.  It puts you in control of the sales interaction which leads to more candid conversations and better results.  


Which of the following common frustrations do you experience?

  • Sales cycles that are too long

  • Prospects that waste your time

  • Spending time on proposals that don't get read

  • Giving away free consulting

The Sandler Sales Bootcamp is designed to address these common sales issues and help you shorten your sales cycle, eliminate time wasting prospects, get paid for your time and stop writing proposals.  

Imagine how your life could be better if you could achieve more sales without writing another proposal.

Register today for our next bootcamp and you won't have to imagine it, you could be living that better reality.   


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"It is difficult to condense the day into one sentence.  I've been to other types of training classes in the past and the day usually seems to drag on.  However, I found Christie to be a true professional.  Her ability to keep things moving and yet allow enough dialogue to give the concepts real application is unique.  I enjoyed the day.  It was time well spent."

Mark, Manufacturing Manager

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how and why people buy
  • Why we connect with some people and struggle with others
  • Ways to shorten your sales cycle
  • How to uncover your prospects budget and decision making process
  • Understand how to uncover your prospects true motivation for buying
  • How to disqualify a prospect before wasting time
  • Methods of asking questions to uncover better info
  • How to gain a prospects commitment
  • How you can get your prospect to ask for the sale

Led by experienced and certified Sandler coaches

Whether you are a business owner, experienced sales professional or just starting a sales career, you will learn time tested sales strategies and systems to reach your sales goals.  

For over 40 years, Sandler has helped individuals and teams improve their sales efficiency and effectiveness.