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Mike Montague interviews Karen Meracle on How to Succeed at Performance Planning. 

In this episode: 

  • The best attitude, behavior, and technique on how to succeed at performance planning
  • Some people think if they ignore a new initiative, it might just go away
  • As the sales leader, you are the trail guide
  • The 5 Ps: Prioritize, Process, Playbook, Practice, Progress
  • Writing an email telling your people to do it is not enough
  • How to use a playbook in performance planning
  • Use video to build your playbook
  • Work on the new thing live and together
  • Debrief after you try the new thing
  • Karen’s favorite Sandler rule




The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training for individuals all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with over 250 locations around the globe. 

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