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Mike Montague interviews Dr. Oleg Konovalov on How to Succeed at Creating a Compelling Vision. Oleg is a thought leader, author, business educator, consultant, and coach with over 25 years of experience operating businesses and consulting Fortune 500 companies both in the UK and internationally.

Oleg is on the Thinkers50 Radar, Global Gurus Top 30, has been recognized as #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture by Thinkers 360, is #1 Global Leading Coach (Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50), and has been named as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Global Thought Leaders by The Excelligent.

Having been named as ‘the da Vinci of Visionary Leadership’ by many leading authorities of our time, Oleg Konovalov is helping companies to create and execute their vision, diagnose and treat organizational diseases, maintain a strong productive corporate culture and achieve superior business performance.

He is the author of The Vision Code (2021), LEADEROLOGY (2019), Corporate Superpower (2018), Organisational Anatomy (2016), and Hidden Russia (2014).

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In this episode:

  • The best attitude, behavior, and technique on how to succeed at creating a compelling vision
  • What the vision code is
  • Spend less time thinking about the past and more thinking about the future and solutions
  • Ego kills vision
  • Bold thinking wins
  • Give people a direction to set them free
  • How to set a big enough vision that is still achievable
  • How does your vision help others?
  • Oleg’s definition of success
  • Learn as much as you can, help as much as you can




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