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Non-Profit Scholarships

Wilcox & Associates is committed to giving back to our communities.  

Since 2017 we have awarded at least two scholarships to local Non-Profit organizations in Northern Indiana.  

Wilcox & Associates Announces 2022 Scholarship Program

Wilcox & Associates is pleased to announce the 2022 Non-Profit Organization Scholarship Program. Jim Wilcox, owner of Wilcox & Associates launched the program in 2017 recognizing a need within the Non-Profit community. 

"Non-profits are an essential part of every community, providing essential services to those in need.  Many non-profit directors have told us they are always more people in need than they have resources to help." said Jim Wilcox and adding   "The for profit world is very similar and we have found the skills we teach business owners to successfully grow their businesses are equally applicable to the non-profit world."

We encourage Northern Indiana non-profit leaders to consider their needs and if there are opportunities to improve fundraising, employee and volunteer management, and organizational excellence, they should apply for the scholarship program.  

Details can be found below along with a simple application form. 


Is your non-profit...

  • Having difficulty recruiting donors / volunteers?
  • Frustrated by not being able to properly serve your target?
  • Wanting better relationships with the proper people?
  • Losing sleep over budget shortfalls?
  • Struggling with poor communication?
  • Working too hard / too many hours?
  • Needing more complex & high dollar donations?
  • Worried about ineffective networking time?
  • Anxious about poor hiring decisions?
  • Plagued with lack of teamwork?


Sandler Training Indiana may be able to help

Sandler Training Indiana will open scholarship applications for the 2022 year to Non-Profit Organizations in Northern Indiana beginning in October 2021.  Typically we award two scholarship: One in Fort Wayne and one in South Bend. This scholarship will include one full-year in the Strategic Management Solutions Program which includes the Sandler Foundations, President's Club, Advanced Communication Dynamics, Referral Growth Boot Camp, as well as several other Growth Workshops.

This is over 250 hours of live professional development training, as well as access to thousands of hours of audio and video training.

That's over a $35,000 value.

Unfortunately, we can't provide free training for everyone, so we just need you to tell us why your organization needs this training.

2022 Scholarship Applications will begin in October 2021

Entries will be judged on need, based on a brief essay in the application.



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