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A few years ago Sandler Training made the decision to host an annual event that brings together trainers and clients from around the world for two days of intensive training. With high-energy keynote speakers, wisdom from Sandler leaders and the option to attend breakout sessions of your choice, the 2014 Sandler Client Summit is looking to be another successful and insightful professional getaway. If you're on the fence about attending or are ready to get energized about the upcoming Summit, take a look below at the top reasons to attend the 2014 Sandler Client Summit in sunny Orlando, Florida. Force your personal development. There's a reason companies take associates offsite and out of town, and it's to get away from life's everyday pressures and stresses and focus on to personal development and growth. By attending the Summit, you'll have the time and opportunity to brush up on your skills and practice new strategies that you can implement immediately when you return to the office. Swap stories. We all face difficult business decisions on a day-to-day basis. Attending the Summit puts you within arm's reach of hundreds of other clients that can offer new perspectives and best practices for you to put in practice when you return home. Experience a different Sandler perspective. Get a 360-degree Sandler experience by hearing the philosophy from Sandler leaders from all over the world. While President's Club delivers countless benefits and solutions, there's value in hearing how other Sandler leaders, trainers and clients experience Sandler Training. Network. Take advantage of the multitude of mindshare that will be in the room. Like you, these people are visionaries in sales and management. The positive impact associated with connecting and making contacts with attendees will pay off tenfold in terms of knowledge, insight and perhaps even business down the road. Still undecided? Take a look at what previous Summit attendees have to say about their experience here. And for those who are ready to register, visit to reserve your spot today
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