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Dave kicked off the Sandler Summit, bright and early, to an eager crowd waiting to hear what's in store for Sandler this year, ranging from enhanced sales training programs to book launches. He quizzed the group on sales statistics, shared tips to improve behaviors, told stories about how his attitudes about motivation were formed and then focused on techniques and tactics. Here are a few highlights from Sandler's top leader's opening remarks: •Three things you need to do today to become a "Behaviorist": clarity, frequency and consistency. •Find your "lightning rod" – aka find what motivates you. •Pick one technique to work on every two weeks to improve your performance. •Mnemonic device (and advice): Proper planning prevents poor performance The 2014 Sandler Summit is off to an energetic and positive start that will give attendees the motivation and tactics to return home renewed and ready to take on the year. Tell us, what's your lightning rod? What are you running towards or away from
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