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Eager to learn and ready to network, clients and trainers attending the 2014 Sandler Summit were blown away by the sales training insights, tips, stats and best practices shared throughout the sessions.

Here are a few of our favorite moments:

• Strategy, insight and humor from CEO Dave Mattson started the momentum and got the crowd ready to learn about best practices in sales training. 

• More than 1,000 clients and trainers settled in to hear from Sandler leaders about how to improve work performance, productivity, professional confidence, etc. A few of our favorite sound bites are below. More quotable moments can be found at #SandlerSummit on Twitter.

  • “I’ve never liked being called predictable, until someone associated it with success.” – Bill Bartlett emphasizing how routine and consistency will lead to selling success.
  • Gary Harvey encouraged the audience to ask themselves, “What five beliefs do I need in order to be more successful?”
  • Paul Lanigan urged the group to be gutsy for five seconds. That’s just enough time to pick up the phone dial the number and not hang up. “Your business doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
  • Pat Heidrich “entertrained” the group and left everyone with a wise quote about management best practices. “Management is not a place to get your needs met, it’s a place to grow you people.”

Afternoon sessions were customized and separated among clients and trainers, both geared towards the professional growth of the two groups.

  • Clients chose between the management training and sales training Tracks. Some highlights from the sessions include:
  • John Rosso gave usable tips for to how warm up any sales call. (Protip: Rosso prefers to call it an “approach call,” not a cold call. It’s a mental trick that changes the mindset of the caller.)
  • Rich Isaac encouraged clients to mirror world-class companies’ sales pipeline process to help your business grow.
  • Bill Morrison boldly reminded sales managers to be self-aware by saying “before we can do anything at all - the first thing you've got to do is take off your own blindfold to examine what's holding us back.”
  • Steve Herzog shared his three cardinal rules of business management along with case studies and stories that have changed lives for his clients over the years.

And after a day of vibrant sessions, it was time for attendees to further connect with their fellow attendees at the Summit’s Networking Mixer. Friends, new and old, connected and found some fun out on the town in Orlando.

Continue watching the #SandlerSummit hashtag on each of Sandler Training’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) for more updates and to get a better sense of the Summit experience.

For those here in Orlando, what has been your favorite part of the Sandler Summit?

For those following along at home or in the office, are you considering attending the 2015 Sandler Summit?

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