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Rule #44 When your foot hurts, you're probably stepping on your own toe. 

This rule is one of my favorites but is one of the hardest to identify and correct the behavior. This Sandler rule states that we should take responsibility when something goes wrong, and that we shouldn’t even think about blaming the prospect.

Have you ever delivered a killer presentation to a prospective client and just as you thought you were about to close the deal there was a “SURPRISE” you weren’t expecting? Maybe there was another decision maker that needed to be brought in, or maybe it was another quote that you were competing against.  It could be anything - you simply just weren’t expecting it. You get mad at the prospect. How could they change direction on you? How could they “SURPRISE” you? The reality is, you are the problem. You are stepping on your own foot.

The fact of the matter is, you are responsible for every facet of the sale. It is your responsibility to uncover any potential deal breakers BEFORE they happen. This is never the prospect’s fault. Stop standing on your own foot.

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