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Sandler Rule #16 speaks to the salesperson’s ability to do two things:

Ask great questions
Uncover compelling reasons to do business, or pain

You see, we shouldn’t be asking for the sale. The prospect should reach the realization themselves that they want to buy. If we ask the right questions, the prospect will uncover reasons the sale should happen, and when you ask, “what should we do next?” the answer should be simple. You either are or aren’t doing business together.

In traditional sales, asking for the sale is generally part of the process. Time and time again I hear people describe what they think their last step in the process is: “I ask for the sale.”

The last step in their process really tends to be chasing the prospect around after they have accepted a “think it over.” If the prospect is the one to make the decision in the first place, so that we don’t find ourselves needing to ask, there is no chase. The prospect has already articulated that making the decision to buy is the best one.

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