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Rule #6: Don't buy back tomorrow what you sell today

So, what does this mean? There's this notion of buyer's remorse. So much so sometimes that salespeople will want to hurry up and get the contract signed, get the order in, rush back to their office before anything can go wrong or before the prospect has a chance to feel any sort of buyer's remorse. 

You may have experienced this when leaving, thinking that the sale is in the bag getting all the paperwork together, getting it ready to send over the next day, only to get the phone call that it's actually going to be put off or withheld or it's not going to go through even though you thought it would.

The post-sale step or getting in front of bombs that might go off at the eleventh hour is really important at this point in the game. Instead of reviewing all of the positive reasons why you're doing business together in the hopes that you're going to reconvince your prospect, why not just ask them if there's anything that might come up that prevents the sale from going through.

One, that really helps your credibility if you are so confident in your product or your service that you have no problem saying “Hey, Bill, is there anything that might come up between now and when we put the contract through that might prevent this from happening?”. That shows a lot of confidence in your ability. Two, if you give the person a chance to articulate what might come up before it happens, they're likely to work through it in the moment. So, do yourself a favor, don't buy it back tomorrow what you sell today.

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