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Mike Montague interviews John Livesay on How to Succeed at Better Selling Through Storytelling. 

Find John Livesay at:  

In this episode:

  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique to succeed at better selling through storytelling
  • Turn a case study into a case story and people will listen and remember you
  • The key to dealing with rejection is, don’t reject yourself or what you’re selling
  • “No” now doesn’t mean “no” forever
  • Make your customer the hero in your stories
  • Four points to the story:
  • 1) Expository - Who, what, where, when
  • 2) Problem – Tell the customer’s problem as part of the story
  • 3) Solution – How you fixed the problem
  • 4) Resolution – What life is like for the customer after your solution
  • Closing question: Does that sound like a journey you’d like to go on with us?
  • The more empathy you have for the problem the more the client thinks you can solve it
  • Tell your story of origin, your company’s story of origin and then what you’re selling
  • John’s definition of success
  • What are you willing to do that the competition isn’t?

Find John Livesay at: 

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