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Jim Wilcox

Many salespeople don't like prospecting because so many prospects don't need what they sell.  Imagine if all of those unsuccessful calls could actually be earning compound interest?  Jim Wilcox, owner of Wilcox & Associates, a sales and management consulting and training organization in Fort Wayne, IN shares insight on how sales people can earn compound interest on unsuccessful sales calls.  

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As a sales professional, there is a wrong way and a right way to bring up a problem your prospect has, but hasn't yet talked about it.  They haven't mentioned either because they don't know it exists or they are embarrassed to talk about it.  Jim Wilcox with Wilcox & Associates provides some insight on the best ways to bring up these hidden problems without killing the deal. 

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There is one word that salespeople should never use.  Jim Wilcox with Wilcox & Associates discusses the word you'll often hear from underperforming sales people and why successful sales people avoid it all together.  

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Put your buyer shoes on for a moment.  When the salesperson asks how they can help you, do you respond with "just looking"?  It is one of many little 'lies' we tell salespeople when we don't want to be 'sold' something.  If you are the salesperson, we've got some tips for getting to the truth.  

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If you are a manager or leader in an organization and struggle with your employees following their own path instead of yours, this leadership tip may help you turn things around.  Business consultant and training Jim Wilcox shares his insight on one thing you can do to become the leader people want to follow. 

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Companies don't have to struggle with hiring?  Fort Wayne business consultant Tim Brown, with Sandler Training shares a strategy hiring managers can use to make the interview a success for both parties.  

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Winging it will only take a company so far.  Successful organizations have found sustainable growth by implementing common processes.  Fort Wayne business consultant Jim Wilcox   talks about the one area most companies fail to establish common processes, and where it is needed most. 

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Have you ever gone to the doctor with one pain only to find out it was caused by something else?  All too often prospects may be experiencing a business pain without really knowing the root cause.  Fort Wayne business consultant and training Jim Wilcox with Sandler Training by Wilcox & Associates provides some tips on how you can help your prospect uncover the real problem they are experiencing. 

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When it seems like the prospect doesn't think there is a fit for your product or service, you could be tempted to end the conversation quickly.  Professional business consultant and trainer Jim Wilcox describes an alternate approach that can help avoid ending the conversation prematurely.  

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Have you have ever had a prospect tell you 'no' even though you knew your solution was a fit for them?  Jim Wilcox, owner of Sandler Training by Wilcox & Associates, a professional sales training and leadership development organization talks discusses a way to potentially get your prospect to reconsider. 

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