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The 2014 Sandler Client Summit was another huge success, especially on social media. Attendees were quick to post insights learned from the speakers, share photos, retweet, favorite, "like" and expand their current list of LinkedIn connections through new contacts made at the #SandlerSummit.

Based on the feedback, social content shared and memories captured, the top reasons to attend the Summit were proven to be true.

In addition, Sandler Training launched its Instagram account (@sandlertraining), a platform that will highlight major Sandler Training events throughout the year.

With hundreds of great social media moments to choose from, here are some of the top tweets and photos collected over the two days:











The Sandler Client Summit is an event Sandler looks forward to all year. Thanks to everyone who attended and interacted with us on social media – which allows us to relive the great #SandlerSummit moments year-round. Stay engaged throughout the year by connecting with Sandler on each of its social media platforms.



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