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With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and customer service manager, Kelly employs the Sandler Training methodologies that reinforces the behavior, attitudes and techniques needed to take personal and business success to the next level.

Within Sandler Training, Kelly specializes in helping companies in all industries and of all sizes develop outstanding customer service teams that do more than simply develop good relationships with clients.While building outstanding relationships with clients is a must, Sandler Training's Strategic Customer Care program helps customer service reps, inside salespeople, technicians, marketing teams, admin staff and all frontline people increase top-line revenues in sales-focused companies.

Kelly's goal is to help customer-facing professionals:

  • Build confidence and skills to recognize prospective business opportunities
  • Develop a "sales radar" and work with the sales department to identify and follow though on potential sales
  • Deal with difficult customers and prospects
  • Become highly professional communicators and deal more effectively with sales teams, management and clients
  • Avoid “free consulting” and giving out free information to people ‘shopping around’
  • Craft and ask compelling qualifying questions to get to the heart of the prospect’s needs
  • Up-sell and cross-sell existing clients for increase profitability
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