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Sandler by Wilcox & Associates, LLC | Indiana | North Carolina | 260-399-5913

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Sales and Management trainer, coach and speaker

A long-time resident of Indiana, Jim has spent the last 20 years in successful business development and management roles.

Jim Wilcox

Jim has not only worked with an abundance of local companies, but has also had extensive national exposure, working with companies in a variety of market segments across the country. A leader in his field, Jim has helped companies increase profits using the Sandler Training methodology over the last 5 years. In 2014, Jim opened Wilcox & Associates, LLC – an authorized Sandler Training Center.

Wilcox & Associates uses the Sandler Training systematic process to help individuals and businesses increase their top-line revenue. Jim’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, combined with his knowledge of the local market place and extensive experience as a top sales performer and manager, allows him to confidently train and coach business professionals, leading their companies to financial success.

Jim believes that when you own and implement Sandler Training’s systematic approach, salespeople - regardless of their education or experience - can master the art of selling in an ethical and professional way. After 20 years in business development roles, Jim understands the challenges that sales teams face, and helps them find effective solutions that are tailored to their industry and unique businesses. 

Dave Lee, U.S. Foundry Division Manager, Pyrotek

"Since our company incorporated Sandler Training over 10 years ago we have significantly improved our sales team's effectiveness as well as top and bottom line results. We are fortunate to have a talented team in Fort Wayne to provide Sandler Training. Jim and his team do a fantastic job!"